Het Industriegebouw.

Het Industriegebouw uses Bisner to improve workspace processes and build a thriving community.

Het Industriegebouw.

A historic icon.

Het Industriegebouw became one of the first multi-company buildings in The Netherlands, after being commissioned to be rebuilt post-World War II. With legendary architects Hugh Maaskant and Willem van Tijen taking part, the building quickly became a city icon.

In 2015, the building was bought by investors who had a particular love for the city and its history. The investors brought Het Industriegebouw back its former glory through extensive renovations. Now, it continues its original purpose by housing almost 200 companies, as well as an active community of over 1000 members.

Het Industriegebouw.







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Het Industriegebouw.
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“We are very happy with Bisner, because they offer an All-in-One solution for managing both our community and workspace. It is flexible and easy-to-use.’’

Challenge and Solution.

Het Industriegebouw (HIG) needed a sophisticated solution to easily manage and maintain their entire building. In addition, HIG wanted a centralised communication tool to connect their members and housed companies. They wanted an interactive platform that could facilitate networking, as well as allow members to share resources and knowledge.

Now, HIG uses Bisner to manage all their meeting rooms and service maintenance. With Bisner’s Meeting Room Booking feature, HIG was able to simplify room booking and have an integrated reservation schedule available to all members.  

HIG has also created their own online community with Bisner Community, and now has almost 500 active members. The were very impressed with Bisner’s smooth on-boarding, which allowed all their members to easily adapt and take advantage of the new technology solutions.

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