Dockwize uses Bisner to facilitate knowledge sharing, as well as connect entrepeneurs with experts.


The Innovation Hub.

With multiple success stories, Dockwize is a great innovation hub for starting entrepreneurs. They provide housing to entrepreneurs and support their growth.

Dockwize offers meeting rooms, interesting webinars and, of course, a place to work and meet. They empower meaningful collaboration by offering various networking and relationship-building opportunities, including match-making events.







Accelerator Hub

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Bisner products


Kitty van Aken
Community Manager

“Bisner provided us with great support during onboarding. They are continuously improving and enriching our platform with more useful functionalities.’’

Challenge and Solution.

Dockwize wanted to help members grow their businesses through access to an extensive community. They were looking for an online platform that would easily enable communication, knowledge sharing and relationship building between members.  

After learning about all the useful features available, Dockwize didn’t hesitate a moment to choose Bisner as their community software. Right after they started building their community platform, they implemented our Meeting Room Booking and Service Maintenance features to further support their hub. 

Now, hub members and managers have a centralised system where they can do anything, from sharing information to reserving a meeting room. Bisner has helped tremendously by improving workspace efficiency, as well as connecting The Innovation Hub’s community.

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