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Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Solutions

March 7, 2021
Meetings are a crucial part for any business. Not only does it happen frequently, but it also takes a lot of time and often occurs spontaneously. With that being said, offices should always have meeting rooms available for employees and tenants so the session can take place. Unfortunately, it becomes a universal problem where many businesses are inefficient with the meeting room reservation systems. People are forced to spend unnecessary time searching for rooms and businesses tend to design facilities that don't fit the people’s need. As a solution, “room booking solutions” should be implemented to make the reservation process easier and faster for the people in the building. Below we will provide three benefits of such technology.
Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Solutions

 1. Maximise room efficiency in the office

Unoccupied meeting rooms are considered unsustainable and can hinder productivity. With a meeting room technology, building administrators can get a full picture of how meeting rooms are being used by people in the building through data. They can use this information to adjust or redesign the facilities according to people’s needs.

Meeting room booking solutions keep track of who is using the facilities, which makes planning more straightforward for the administrator, like providing the right quantity of meeting rooms in the building and the size of each room. They can reconstruct the spaces based on how people are using it. For example, if there are many people who reserve the whole meeting rooms to work alone, administrators can organise more hot desks for those people and free up meeting spaces for people who actually need them.

Thus, with this solution, it increases efficiency for the administrators. Employees can also optimise the meeting rooms more since it is tailored to their needs and preferences.

2. Improve building visibility and productivity

With room booking software, there will be no more double-booking mistakes or mislocate the meeting locations. People in the building can reserve meeting rooms live, due to real time availability viewing and booking. When they see there is an available room, they can just click it to reserve it, which also saves a lot of time.

In addition, the software can automatically change the status of rooms that are no longer reserved by the tenant. For example, if a team decides to cancel a to use the meeting room last minute, the status of the facility will automatically be “available” again right after they cancel their reservation. This way, the meeting room will be free for people to use again. Without this system, people will be confused if the room is occupied and may end up not using a room that is actually available.

This program also improves the process of reserving a room by allowing people to spend less time planning the meeting and more time in the actual meeting.

3. Minimise booking procedures

Lastly, meetings in general take a lot of valuable time. According to a research by Steelcase, people waste up to 30 minutes per day to search for available meeting rooms. This time can be used for other things that are more meaningful. Thus, it is important to make meetings as productive as possible by minimising the unnecessary steps that waste time and energy of employees. By adopting a meeting room solution, it helps people to easily search for available rooms and reserve on the spot from their devices. They do not need to walk around the building to search for themselves because all the necessary information is visible in the system. They can now focus more on their meeting agenda instead of worrying where the meeting is going to take place.

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