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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Community

March 7, 2021
Building an active community benefits a business in countless ways. It helps people look forward to coming into work, increases productivity, and helps with clear communication between members. It also cements a business’ culture together and allows it to constantly grow and evolve.Here are six solid benefits a community will bring to your business as a whole, as well as to your members.
6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Community

1. People Belong

A strong community gives your  members a sense of belonging. Instead of dreading Monday morning, they look forward to coming to work because they belong there.

They feel as if walking into your building to “go to work” is simply an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. And to be part of a story that is bigger than themselves. A community allows your brand to become more than just a logo and a color pattern. It allows your brand to become something people can feel and relate to.

In other words, members won’t be staring at the clock waiting for the time they can clock out. They’ll be excited to get their jobs done because they’re aiming for a higher goal - your business goals.

In practical terms, that means your employee satisfaction is high and your turnover rate is low. And your company will see a much higher productivity rate. When people enjoy the environment they are in and the brand they are associated with, they’ll put in their best effort.

2. Powerful Idea Sessions

When you build a community within your business, you enable members to more easily connect with each other. Once they connect, they can collaborate together in brainstorming sessions and come up with new ideas.

Bisner gives you the ability to create groups within your community so that members can brainstorm and share ideas with each other.

Simply by being together in a virtual group where they can talk freely (without interference from other members) allow them to form new ideas. Especially if you create specific group threads devoted to nothing but focused brainstorming and ideation.

This allows your members  and your business to continuously grow. Instead of becoming stuck in a rut or remaining stagnant, good communication is always flowing. Ideas on how to reach your specific business goals (make X sales in six months, bring in X leads over the next year, scale revenue to X amount, etc.) are able to be constantly brought up and discussed.

3. Shared Guidance and Experience

A community also lets your business take advantage of every skill set it has in the building(s). Because it gives your members a fast and easy way to post and share something, they’re able to give away free guidance and advice to each other.  

If someone has more experience and knowledge in an area, they can easily share a highly informative, valuable post. Plus they can choose to either let the whole community see it or decide to only post it in certain groups where it’s most relevant.

This means instead of keeping their knowledge to themselves, they now have an easy outlet to share practical advice with people who need it - even if they’re in another building and have never met.

Instead, your business will grow with smart new ideas and practical information, saving your company from investing in unnecessary training resources and losing any more time.

4. Clear Communication

A community platform helps keep communication clear and straightforward. Especially when it provides the option for members to instantly message each other. Chat/direct messaging allows people to avoid running around the building trying to find each other.

When a members are able to clearly communicate with each other, it keeps everything running smoothly. Ultimately, it saves a company a lot of money because it keeps time from being wasted and productivity from going down the drain due to poor communication flow.

5. Combined Skill Sets

A community also allows your business to combine different members’ skill sets together. Instead of one talented person working alone, you can combine two or more people’s separate skill sets together for stronger collaboration.  

Members may not even be aware of the fact that other members possess certain skills and abilities, especially if they’re located in another building. A community platform like Bisner bypasses all the physical walls because each member adds their skill set to their profile and is listed in one large directory.

Other members can quickly search for the type of person they’re looking for based on their skillset and other profile information. Even if members work in separate buildings and don’t personally know each other, Bisner makes it easy for members to know who does what and how to get a hold of them.

6. 100% White-label

Don’t sacrifice your branding, colors, or logo in order to put everyone on the same platform. We understand that building a culture is crucial for a business’s success. Bisner is designed to seamlessly integrate into the culture your business already has. Everyone stays connected to your brand and business while they’re on the platform.  

On top of that, Bisner also offers several different modules rather than just two or three. Your community platform should be able to grow and adapt along with you. No community should ever stay still or stagnant, so Bisner is designed to mold into your brand as your community constantly changes and evolves.

Wrapping it up

A business who makes building a strong community one of their top priorities will quickly see the benefits pay off. Members feel connected to your brand and as if they belong in your company. They’re able to easily brainstorm together and come up with new ideas to grow and scale your business - even if they’re all in separate buildings.  

Members with more experience will be able to instantly share their advice with other members and save your company from investing in unnecessary training. Communication will be clear and solid, keeping everyone in the loop, understood, and on the same page.

Members become aware of other people who possess certain skill sets they need in order to complete a project on time, save money from outsourcing, or finish a high-calibre project. And all the while, everyone is connected to your brand with total white-label solutions.

This helps keep your culture continuously growing and becoming stronger every day. Your business saves time, money, and resources by keeping everyone connected in one community, on one platform, all the time.

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